Technically, kind of. But use of this statistic is a classic case of the base rate fallacy.

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Baby Boomers and Generation X cling to power and try to control the flow of historical information; Millennials and Generation Z have almost always had instant access to information.

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Their access to information is conflicting with the curated version we try to teach them.

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What I wish my white church would say.

Learn a little about the stock market and Tableau at the same time!

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Gather your Data

  1. Go to Yahoo Finance and look up a stock. Really, any stock will do. Even better if it’s a stock you happen to own!
  2. Once on the stock’s summary page, go to the tab labeled historical data.
  3. Change the view to the desired time period (one year is the default).
  4. Click on the ‘Download Data’ link to download a CSV file.

What’s the difference, and why is it important in business and technical writing?

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Many aspiring technical and non-fiction writers struggle with the use of active voice vs. passive voice.

First, a review of sentence structure.

Most tech departments have awful documentation because they don’t take the time to plan it out.

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Identify your audience

Identify your purpose

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Are containers all the rage around your company’s tech department? Here’s an explanation of the hype for the rest of us.

Servers, Virtualization, Scalability, and Containers, Oh My!

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